Yacht Purchase and Sale Agreement Form

Purchase contracts or contracts must contain the following minimum information: When used correctly, forms help clarify the terms and agreements between the seller/broker, buyer/seller and broker/broker. In co-op sales with other YBAA brokers, you know what to expect when it comes to the documents to sign. We recommend that you download a blank copy of the forms and to your desktop and fill out the forms in Adobe Acrobat Reader, CLICK HERE to download for FREE! If you can`t download the program, we`ve prepared a list of browser-based best practices below. For the faithful and faithful execution of the previous agreement, the said parties bind each other, as well as their heirs, executors, administrators and assignees. 4% discount on purchases at West Marine stores or online at WestMarine.com 10. In the event that such sale is not made due to the destruction of the ship for any reason, including force majeure, the deposit will be refunded, provided that all costs incurred by the buyer against the ship have been paid and that this Agreement is null and void. This Agreement is binding on the owner and buyer, their heirs, executors or assignees once it has been signed by both parties. 7. Owners and buyers acknowledge ___ The commission to which the broker is entitled is calculated on the basis of the sale price agreed herein. Any adjustment of the sale price agreed by the buyer and the owner on the basis of the conditions established during the investigation will not affect the commission.

Access your forms and documents from anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet. Enjoy the freedom to close an offer wherever you are. ____________payable as follows: ____________dollars at the time of signature of this Agreement. ____________dollars when the purchase contract is concluded and ready to be shipped, which in any case does not than_____________ later. As a major benefit of membership, YBAA members are encouraged to use the association`s standardized, copyrighted contract forms for U.S. and Canadian transactions. Each form is designed as an interactive PDF for ease of use. A written agreement eliminates or minimizes issues and problems that could later turn an agreement in the dock into a sour agreement in court. By defining the obligations of the buyer and seller, as well as the period within which the sale must take place, you have a legally binding written document of the intentions of the parties. The manufacturer`s declaration (MSO) or certificate of origin (MCO) supplied with each new vessel shall contain the hull identification number (HIN) of the vessel and the serial number(s) of the engine. The OSM or MCO indicates when the vessel was built and handed over to the retailer for resale.

You will need the OSM when you register or document a new boat. If the boat is financed by a loan, the OSM is transferred to the lender; Otherwise, it will be included in the boat documents that will be given to you at the time of purchase. You or your loan company should receive the OSM when you take delivery. If this is not the case, contact the boat manufacturer immediately. Without the OSM, you may not be able to register the boat or meet insurance requirements. YachtCloser offers its customers an unlimited amount of document storage. Whether you sold this boat one, two or five years ago, you can instantly print the previous documents in PDF format, email them or review them. If your client calls a year later and says they need a copy of an agreement with YachtCloser, you can provide your client with the requested information at the touch of a button. 8. The owner undertakes to deliver the yacht and inventory to the buyer ______________________________on or before ___. 4.

It is agreed that the buyer may have the yacht measured at his own expense at the latest __. It is understood that the buyer may refuse to complete this purchase if the owner refuses to repair the essential repair items at his expense, as requested in the investigation, or refuses to adjust the sale price to compensate the buyer for major repairs. If an investigation is conducted, the Buyer must notify the Broker in writing or by transfer of its decision to purchase or renegotiate the essential repair items as described in the Investigation Report within three (3) days of the completion of the Investigation. Once the provisions contained herein have been complied with and this transaction has been completed, the buyers understand and agree that they have accepted the vessel as is, where it is, and that there are no warranties, express or implied, by either the brokers or the sellers. 3. The attached inventory belonging to this yacht is included in this sale. The broker offers the details of the vessel in good faith, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information or guarantee the condition of the vessel. It is assumed and agreed that the Buyer may ask its representatives or appraisers to review the details validated by the Buyer. YachtCloser offers a simple and turnkey approach to manage all the forms and contracts necessary for the management of your boat and yacht sales business.

YachtCloser comes pre-installed with over 100 different forms and contracts so you can start selling boats. In addition to the standard YachtCloser forms, we have also partnered with the country`s leading broker associations, which only allow members to access their proprietary forms through YachtCloser. 2. The yacht is sold free of charge and free of any privileges, invoices or fees of any kind. The owner guarantees and defends that he has a good and marketable property and the legitimate right to sell the same and will provide all the documents necessary for the transfer of ownership to the buyer or broker at the request of the buyer. Enjoy the simplicity of having to enter data once and all your forms and documents are filled out instantly. You no longer need to fill out and print multiple forms and contracts. With YachtCloser, you can eliminate duplicate expenses and spend more time selling boats. iPad/iPhone (Apple) users must download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app from the App Store to access the form and share the file. After downloading the app, just open the form in Safari on your iPad/iPhone and then tap on the screen. You should see an option for “Open in” in the upper left corner of your screen. Tap “Open to” and then select “Copy to Adobe Acrobat”, from there you should be able to fill out the form and send it by email.

When you buy from a broker, the purchase contract is usually standardized. But that doesn`t mean you shouldn`t go through it carefully and make sure that things like the tank and engine hours are filled accurately. The broker`s information is only as good as what the seller provides. 6. Any tax levied now or later on this purchase may become the responsibility of the Buyer. It is not necessary for a lawyer to draft the contract, although this should be taken into account, especially if you buy a boat at a high price or if you have a fact especially for you. .