Wsus Accept License Agreement

I think this is a restriction of the API itself, in which case PowerShell would not be able to accept the C.A.C.A. But there is no place in the script where I decide to accept the C.C.A. if it exists. Related: I wrote a Powershell script that contains all the security and critical update between the date data with Approve-wsusUpdate Cmdlet Witch is approved on PS4 and WSUS 2012R2. I saw where to repair the WSUS reset (wsusutil reset), but I tried that, removed the roller, WSUS removed the DB, made sure that both KBs for Win10 were installed because these were some of the failed updates. It sounds silly, but I corrected this by restarting the wsus services on my SUP. OK, I`ve already seen this topic, but is it necessary to accept the EBA or is it possible to list the update witch needing EULA acceptance? To check if an update requires EBA acceptance, we can consult the IUpdate.RequiresLicenseAgreementAcceptance property. In fact, we can accept the CAU directly if we use the IUpdate.AcceptLicenseGreat method. I will then change my guesswork about the rules of automatic probate; I think it is only an issue that the blind adoption of the ECJ on the console was not acceptable. As far as I know, we cannot accept CLA using approve-wsusUpdate. I have the same problem, I tried to reset wsusutil, but it doesn`t work. Often, EULAs cannot be downloaded because a device — proxy/webfilter/Firewall — blocks the download of TXT files. Make sure you can download TXT files to the WSUS server, then run wsusutil reset for the WSUS server to put the missing EULAs download requirements back into the queue. [guid] update could not be synchronized. Error: Microsoft`s licensing terms have not been fully downloaded and cannot be accepted. Source: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.BaseApi.LicenseAgrement.GetById The JLA must be accepted interactively by the WSUS administrator via the console. (v-vs.85) .aspx The WSUS API supports the acceptance of EULA agreements in the Microsoft UpdateServices.Internal.Base update. There is a method called AcceptLicenseAgrement () that you can call for the object to accept the CAU. AL5575, What link did you download out of curiosity? If it`s my WSUS module that you downloaded to Technet, there`s a well-known problem with the Approve-WSUSUpdate command, which fails with the licenses. I recommend you download my latest version (2.1.1) codeplex. Trying to run the following script, which was copied by TechNet.

When I do, it works exactly as it`s supposed to, but it doesn`t allow updates with licensing agreements that need to be accepted. Is there a way to add approval of the software`s licensing terms to the script so that all updates can be approved? In this case, confirm that acceptance of the license agreement would not work. EULAs are downloaded during the WSUS sync event. The ECJ must be submitted/approved before an update can be approved.