What Is Technical Evaluation Agreement

The opening agent/opening commission hands over the opening/report data with the (copy) of the offers to the bid evaluation officer. Technical and quality assessment is one of the most important steps in the shopping trip. This stage of the journey is assured: the IS has identified 15 areas of non-compliance, such as. B the appointment of the delegated representative after the award, the non-control of the price management system and the errors in data entry. Auditors also found incomplete or non-incomplete contractual documents, including the acquisition plan, market research plan and technical evaluation plan. No member of the evaluation body should properly assess both the quality/technical and commercial elements of the offer. Decision factors and evaluation criteria need to be developed, and any other alternatives must be compared to each scale of evaluation. The financial offer should only be open to proposals for which the technical evaluation exceeds a specified threshold, generally greater than 60% of the points awarded to the technical offer. In the case of proposals for which the technical offer does not reach the specified minimum, the corresponding financial offer is not considered for further review and the financial offer should be returned to the supplier by letter of notification from the supplier. Make changes to the evaluation criteria during the process – the criteria must be identical to those published in the ITT technical assessment, often for the evaluation of criteria other than price and price or costs; Sometimes past performance is included and sometimes not. The best value for money in the evaluation of the offer means that price alone is not always the only criterion to be taken into account in an evaluation method. Other criteria such as quality, availability, time, compliance, maintenance and support costs, life cycle costs, etc., are part of the equation to determine the best return on investment for the purchase of goods, services or works. After submissions are received and opened, the evaluation must be conducted in accord with the criteria and evaluation methods established during the development of the appeal file.

Once the evaluation criteria and method are defined and established in the invitation file, they can only be changed by changing the invitation file before the appeal closes. This forms the basis of an objective and transparent evaluation approach. Given the principle of equality and the fair treatment of potential suppliers, discussions may take place with potential suppliers in complex cases where clarification may be required by suppliers to finalize the assessment. The most important condition for clarifying supplier offers is that neither the substance nor the price of the offers should be changed. All discussions must be recorded in writing and duly in the relevant file. Information received from one supplier should not be shared with other competitors. The proposal to obtain the highest total score after the addition of the technical offer score and the financial offer is the proposal that offers the best value for money. Understand that the evaluation committee`s deliberations are strictly confidential and cannot discuss the content of the evaluation with colleagues and/or outsiders. The technical evaluation criteria are derived from the TOR or SOW specifications. Depending on the nature and complexity of the acquisition to be completed, the technical evaluation criteria can be summarized in a few lines or consist of a long and precise description.