Uc Collective Bargaining Agreement

With the exception of the 30-day delay for filing complaints in Stage 2, the deadlines set out in this article can only be extended by the written agreement of the parties. With the exception of this, each party is entitled to a (1) seven (7) extension of the civil day upon request, either step 2 (after filing a complaint in a timely manner) or 3. (6) The Joint Committee meets twice a year: a meeting in the fall and a meeting in the spring, a meeting in Northern California and a meeting in Southern California. The parties agree together dates and locations. If the parties agree to hold additional meetings, they must be agreed. A complaint is a claim by a single ASE, a group of ESAs or the UAW that the university violated a particular provision of this agreement during the duration of the agreement. Bereavement can be represented at all stages of the appeal and arbitration process. C. For other issues in the negotiations, but not dealt with in Sections A or B, negotiations may be necessary for the duration of this agreement, but only as noted below. A.

The university and the UAW may, upon written request of one of the parties, address quarterly meetings. The agendas are agreed upon at least five (5) working days before the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the management of this agreement and other related issues, with the exception of the specific complaints referred to in this agreement. The University of California, Berkeley currently has 16 different trading units on campus. Each bargaining unit has a separate contract with a union representing all workers covered by that unit. For more information on a particular bargaining unit`s contract and its provisions, see the left-hand links. UC Berkeley`s current bargaining units are listed in alphabetical order. A. The name and address of the UAW representative in charge of the arbitration appeal, to which all arbitration correspondence must be sent; b. a copy of the completed claim form; and a declaration in which the unresolved issues, the articles of the agreement that were allegedly violated and the declaration of appeal requested.

c. If a complaint is not invoked for arbitration, the university`s response after Stage 3 is final. The parties will endeavour to organize appeal meetings that are not at odds with the duties of the bereavement bargaining unit or bereavement representative, which cannot be rescheduled. When a claim meeting convened by the university occurs when the bereavement or bereavement representative has negotiating orders that cannot be rescheduled, parties with unresolved appointment disputes are entitled to leave with payment for the contract period that cannot be rescheduled, provided that the leave application is submitted at least five (5) calendar days prior to the meeting.