Translation Agreement Sample

10. Changes Made by Others. The translator assumes no responsibility for changes to the translation made by persons other than the translator. Translators will not be reimbursed, directly or indirectly, without the explicit written consent of the client. Documents that are an integral part of the translation procedure or services are agreed in the specifications (e.g. setting a timetable for the number of night documents, proofs, etc.). Translators have no right to assign, sell, modify or modify this agreement, unless explicitly agreed in advance in writing by the client, whose consent may be refused for any reason. The customer may freely assign its rights and obligations under this Agreement. A translation contract is an agreement between a freelance translator and his client, which defines the volume of work, steps and deadlines, rights and payment. 13b. [Alternative recurrence clause for e-book contracts] If the publisher does not maintain the translation on paper and does not print it again within [X] months of receipt of the written request, the translator has the right to terminate this agreement by written notification to the publisher. The translation is considered “printed”, as long as the publishing house 5.

Incidentals. The client reimburses the translator for the necessary costs incurred by the translator and which are not part of the routine translation procedure, for example. B document delivery service requested by the customer overnight, tele-communication and fax costs to resolve document defects, etc. 6. Verification of the translation by the client. After receipt of the translation by the translator, the client must check them immediately and inform the translator of any correction or modification requested within 30 days of receipt. The translator corrects the translator`s errors at no cost to the client. Before using the contract package, I often forgot to include in my agreements with clients elements that caused frustration, usually on my side. This contract package has allowed me to review my client documents consistently and help me be more proactive and helpful to my clients by covering all the bases I need to cover. In the first place, you need a well-structured and easy-to-understand translation contract to ensure you as a freelance service provider.

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