Tenant Maintenance Agreement

Tenants know that landlords must maintain rental properties at a certain level, but may not know that they themselves have legal support obligations under tenant law. These may also vary from state to state, but general requirements may include: landlords must provide their tenants with a safe and healthy environment. There are requirements on the number of tenants who can live on the property, the placement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, sanitary work, electrical work, structural integrity of the property, mold problems, lead problems, asbestos problems and parasitic infestations. For properties built before 1978, landlords may require tenants to seek permission before the tenant does anything that could disturb lead paint. This could include repainting the property or even drilling into a wall to hang a TV. As has already been said, government and urban laws, as well as local building and housing laws, determine much of the responsibility for the maintenance of rental properties. If you own a property, you become familiar with the obligations of local owners before entering into leases. If you are a potential tenant, you will know both the owner and the tenant`s responsibility before signing a tenancy agreement if you will have to request revisions. You should be aware that as the owner of the property, you are always responsible for any slippages and falls in the dwelling. If the tenant is not doing a good job, shovel snow and someone slips on the ice, you, the owner, are involved in a possible lawsuit. In addition to the legal responsibilities that tenants have, there are additional ways to help your tenants maintain real estate. These tasks can be agreed separately between you and your client. In return for the additional support obligation, a landlord often offers a rent reduction to a tenant.

In short, it is nice to have an annual contract with a maintenance company. This will in any case allow homeowners to look someone above their property without worry. But they will only deal with maintenance issues. Here, BSO Real Estate Management can help. With more than 30 supplier connections, you get quality service at discounted prices. And you don`t have to worry about an annual contract with maintenance companies.