Taliban Say Close To Agreement With Us

Under the agreement, the remaining forces will withdraw “within nine and a half months.” A State Department official expressed admiration for the Taliban leadership`s concern for the release of their fighters and added, “The agreement explicitly states that those who will be released must make commitments, that they will not return to the battlefield and that they will support the agreement.” “I can`t talk about the things I`ve seen,” Pompeo said in the Fox News Channel special. “But you know it. I spoke again to the Taliban this week to advance the peace negotiations, to bring them around a table with the Afghan government. The report also said that U.S.-led counterterrorism operations have degraded Al Qaeda, which now poses only a “limited threat” to the United States. However, the Pentagon report indicates that the Taliban have close ties to Al Qaeda. 4. The “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which is not recognized as a state by the United States and is known as the Taliban, undertakes to deal with those who, in accordance with international migration law and obligations under this agreement, seek asylum or stay in Afghanistan so that these persons do not pose a threat to the security of the United States and its allies. The United States and NATO have already begun withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. The total withdrawal is expected to be completed in 14 months and will be linked to the Taliban`s commitment to fight terrorist groups and help fight the Islamic State group. 4.

A lasting and comprehensive ceasefire will be an item on the agenda for dialogue and negotiations within Afghanistan. Participants in the intra-Afghan negotiations will discuss the date and modalities of a lasting and comprehensive ceasefire, including common implementation mechanisms, to be announced at the same time as the conclusion and agreement on Afghanistan`s future political roadmap. A U.S. State Department official denied Thursday that the U.S. has entered into a “cooperative partnership” with the Taliban. The United States will also lift sanctions against the Taliban and cooperate with the United Nations to lift separate sanctions against the group. If the Taliban meet their obligations under the U.S. agreement and separate from al Qaeda, it could lead to a deep division of the group, with a faction refusing to renounce al Qaeda, according to the U.N.

report. The decisive ninth round of the one-year dialogue between the two sides began on Thursday in the traditional place, the state of Qatar, in the Persian Gulf. U.S. diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad, who was born in Afghanistan, leads the U.S. negotiating team. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told VOA on Saturday that the two sides were concretely implementing the details of a mechanism for withdrawing foreign troops from the country. U.S. and NATO allies have agreed to withdraw all troops within 14 months if the militants maintain the agreement. 2. The United States and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which is not recognized as a state by the United States and is known as the Taliban, strive to establish positive relations and expect that relations between the United States and the new Afghan Islamic government will be positive after colonization, as determined by inter-Afghan dialogue and negotiations. The Taliban pledged to reduce violence, sever relations with Al Qaeda and meet with other Afghans to develop a political roadmap for their country`s future. The Taliban have pledged to ensure that the areas they control – about half the country at this stage – are not used by militant groups to target the United States and its allies.

A comprehensive peace agreement consists of four parts: the details would be shared with the Afghan government before being published, the official said. According to Secret Service agents, information about the bounty was included in Trump`s daily intelligence on February 27, and two days later, the United States and the Taliban signed an agreement in Qatar.