Sasunaru Agreement

Neji then said in agreement “Yes, just don`t show your true shape and you`re going to make it single again…….. and maybe a virgin. Sasuke finds Boruto in Naruto`s office and tells him he`s going to save Naruto. He may feel Naruto, but not tell if he is injured or not. The other four Kage show up and say they will also save Naruto. Sasuke tells them that Kaguya`s manuscripts revealed where Naruto was taken, and they come out. He stops asking if Boruto will come, very much to the disagreement of the Kage. Sasuke persists, for he is Naruto`s son. They accept and leave to save Naruto. “You`re really close, aren`t you? Kurama is usually not caught with strangers, it is beautiful, do not think Kushina? “Naruto stood still, when his father raised the bucket full and threw hot water over his head, he heard his mother buzzing in agreement before sneering. Sasuke stood there, waiting for what Naruto had planned, until a beautiful red fox arrived and huddled next to Naruto`s leg. Naruto laughed. “Of course”? He asked, Naruto nodded and watched Kurama get into hot water, as he touched Kurama`s water started paddling, his tail remained just upstairs and his ears attached to his skull.

Naruto then breathed deeply and said, “What kind of agreement did you both make?” Dissolving Kurama and gently lying him on the floor, Naruto knelt down and opened the small door of the cage, crawled a little to repair the sparkling sheets, before crawling and plunging to the floor and grabbing the towel to dry his fur a little more, which Naruto yawned twice, before holding it dry enough, putting it in the warm ceiling and winding it. Naruto grabbed it and gently kissed his head before closing the door and standing. Sasuke walks to Naruto and shows him Naruto`s old jacket that disturbs him. Sasuke says he found him outside the naruto house and met Boruto. He reminds her of Naruto at a young age. Naruto doesn`t see him that way and thinks boruto looks more like Sasuke, but he pulls him out and realizes how they are behind time. Sasuke believes that Naruto is wrong that even if things change, “the soul of a Shinobi remains the same… ». Naruto sneers at Sasuke, but thinks it`s an argument. Sasuke smiles, but disagrees. “What`s ?!!. We made a deal that you`d think he`d give me your cousin`s prettiest daughter. gave the naruto face when sasuke said “EWWW WHAT THEY are !!!!!!!!”. Naruto went back to his room with Hinata and finished his clothes.

Naruto kissed Hinata and said goodbye and left Neji in the stagecoach. Naruto came to the palace in rags and heard people talking about him. “Great!” thought Naruto. Neji and Naruto entered the throne room and saw Itachi with a disgruntled face.