Loyola Marymount Articulation Agreement

The following schools/higher education institutions have agreements with the LMU on the portability of their courses. In general, courses can be transferred to the LMU in three ways: a course that does not appear on an agreement is not transferred to the LMU. Students enrolled in regionally accredited institutions can plan for their future at the LMU by following the information contained in the transfer contracts and meeting our requirements and transfer deadlines. Students or schools with questions should contact the Office of Transfer Admission and Enrollment Services at 310.338.5913 or transfer@lmu.edu. Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU): California Community Colleges Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) Commitment Azusa Pacific University Biola University Brandman University California Lutheran University Don Bosco Technical Institute: CSUGE Breadth Certification Agreement Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM): CSUGE Breadth Colleges: CSUGE GE Breadth Certification Agreement Loma Mary`s College National University Pacific Oaks College Certification University of the La Verne University of the Pacific Undergraduate University of the Pacific Pharmacy Program University of San Francisco University of San Francisco California (USC) Transfer Planner (including joint by major) University of Southern California (USC) University of South Andern (USC) , sometimes referred to as transfer course agreements, are the official study requirements between the Los Angeles Mission College and the colleges or universities to which you wish to transfer. Participation in LAMC COURSES, which are linked to courses at a university, ensures that you will take the right courses. LAMC has joint agreements with a large number of higher education institutions, including the University of California (UC) campuses, California State University (CSU) campuses, and private and out-of-state universities. Explore the articulation agreements below and meet with a LAMC advisor to develop an educational plan. If you don`t agree with a university or university you`re interested in, don`t worry, just make an appointment with a LAMC counsellor and they`ll help you develop an education plan to get you to the university of your dreams. The LMU can grant up to 6 hours of semester (up to 8 hours for laboratory science) for graduate studies, for which a student scores 5 or higher. Not all senior exams will provide advanced credit. The following IB diagram shows the IB tests allowed for transmission.

Since 2010, Loyola Marymount has been one of the largest Roman Catholic universities on the West Coast, with just over 9,000 students, graduates and law students. To complete the form of the Transfer Race Review (Formerly TCA): CSU ADT Degree Search Tool: current list of the major CSU, which are considered an ADT CCC/CSU/UC English diploma and Mathe Assessment Course Comparison Searchable Tables CCC Statewide Templates (TMCs) for the Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs) Note that students studying for the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies do not follow the regular university model. IB Credit Credit Credit