Guidelines On The Grant Of Collective Negotiation Agreement 2018

This can be granted to both executives and senior officials of agencies with approved and successfully implemented CNN, while recognizing their efforts to achieve lower-cost performance targets to achieve more efficient and sustainable operations through cost-cutting measures and system improvements. Under the Internal Income Code, in particular Tax Regulation 1-2015, the IEP is exempt from income tax in connection with benefits collected under a collective agreement (CBA); more than ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00). How about those who resigned o from service this year before December. are they still entitled to this incentive? Thank you very much. Do you want to know if teachers can receive the NAC bonus?.. Thank you, I don`t know why we were disqualified at Benguet State University to receive our NAC? It seems that the COA has prejudices against us. I hope they will reconsider our case. This circular covers the following civilian employees: filling regular positions, contract or casual who provide full-time or part-time services in national government agencies, including CFCs, GOC, CCA, LWDs and LGUs, regardless of whether they are covered by Republic Act 67584, see 1989: 20% pay increase for all Olympics and COS working in government. So sad 😔 Are employment orders considered a position of circumstance or are they different? If not, can they benefit from this benefit/incentive? Gudpm, ask q lang. PNP mka get in din a nang 25k??? Salamat A nice evening among those who read it,I am grateful with this kind of possibilities, but I could not use (how to use it?). If that is the case, I hope to be the soon-to-be elected.

Thank you very much! Have a good night in front of you! Merry Christmas for all of you there. :).