Eea Agreement Protocol 37

any agreement or category of agreements between companies; Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, and in particular protocols 41 and 43, the application of the provisions of this agreement prevails over the provisions of existing bilateral or multilateral agreements that bind the European Economic Community, on the one hand, and one or more EFTA States, on the other, as the same purpose falls under this agreement. This protocol does not complement or impede the implementation of mutual assistance agreements concluded or likely to be concluded between EC and EFTA states and between EFTA states. Nor does it exclude broader mutual assistance provided under such agreements. goods in a lot with a property value of no more than EUR 22, provided that the customs authorities agree, with the agreement of the economic operator, to carry out a risk analysis using the information used or provided by the economic operator; (2) Recognising that data protection is a fundamental right protected by various international human rights agreements. At the request of one of the parties, consultations are taking place between the parties on maritime transport issues dealt with in international organizations, as well as on the various aspects of development that have taken place in maritime relations between the parties and third countries, as well as on the functioning of bilateral or multilateral agreements in this area. the agreement is not such as to give the companies concerned the power to determine the prices of a substantial part of the products concerned in the area covered by the agreement, to control or limit production or marketing, nor to protect them from effective competition between other companies located in the territory covered by the agreement. PROTOCOLE 12 on compliance assessment agreements with third countries Any convention or decision prohibited under paragraph 1 is automatically annulled and cannot be invoked in any jurisdiction of the EC Member States or EFTA States. However, the Competent Authority, in accordance with Article 56 of the agreement, authorizes specialisation agreements or agreements for joint purchase or joint sale of products for products covered by paragraph 1, when it finds that the EFTA Supervisory Authority entrusts the powers and functions of Protocol 26 in accordance with the states of the EFTA Supervisory Authority and the EFTA Supervisory Authority. The parties undertake to keep each other informed in the context of work in international organizations and in the context of intellectual property agreements.

On the community`s initiative, mutual recognition agreements from third countries on the assessment of compliance of products for which the use of a trademark is provided for by EU legislation are negotiated. The Community will negotiate on the basis of parallel mutual recognition agreements between the third countries concerned and the EFTA countries, which correspond to those to be concluded with the Community. The parties cooperate in accordance with the general information and consultation procedures of the EEA agreement. In the event of differences in relations with third countries, they are dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the EEA agreement. Without prejudice to Article 11, these agreements do not affect EU legislation on the transmission of information of interest to the competent services of the European Commission and the customs authorities of the Member States between the competent services of the European Commission and the customs authorities of the Member States.