Collective Agreement Salary Increase

A reminder that the salary increases of 8% over four years after the new collective agreement are composed as follows: the ACFO-ACAF has been informed that the FIs of the civil service will see in some departments, from this week, increases in their base rates on their paycheck. The ETUC intends to strengthen collective bargaining systems and binding agreements at national level, covering workers in both the public and private sectors, including workers in SMEs, in order to promote quality employment, equality, decent wages, wage increases and social progress. We call for respect for all agreements reached at all levels within the framework of the social dialogue. As already said, the employer has, before January 28, 2020, it is time to implement the increases in wage rates and salary adjustments – including retroactive payments – as well as the $400 lump sum payment in recognition of the longer implementation timeframe. If implementation is delayed beyond the January 28, 2020 deadline, affected members will receive additional payments of $50 up to a maximum of $450 (or 560 days) every 90 days if manual processing is required. Representatives of workers and employers in the social economy in Austria have concluded their collective bargaining. The agreement reached governs collective agreements up to and including 2022, so the next collective bargaining will take place in autumn 2022 for the year 2023. Employers` and workers` representatives want to take advantage of the resulting bargaining pause to carry out a fundamental revision of the collective agreement. Workers across Europe need higher wages. Negotiations between the social partners at each level are the best way to ensure good wages and working conditions. Wage-setting should remain a national issue and should be done in accordance with national practices and labour relations systems. In 2017-2018, the ETUC coordinated a successful European campaign for higher wages for all workers, but in particular for lower-paid workers such as women, young people and those living in less prosperous Member States (upward wage convergence).

She is currently working to influence the European Commission`s proposals on fair minimum wages. For employees who have been in contact with customers from March to June 2020, there will also be a Corona bonus of 500 euros. .